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3 Secrets That Men Don't Want You to Know

Build better relationships with men and understand them at a different level by learning 3 secrets that men REALLY don't want you to know!
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How to understand men? How can I connect deeper with my boyfriend? How do I understand my husband? I get asked questions like these ALL THE TIME by clients, students and women in my life... so here is a video with 3 powerful secrets to understanding men that they REALLY don't want you to know ;)

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0:47 Men Are Looking At You Through Mom Colored Glasses
3:51 Men Are Craving Emotional Safety And Security From You
7:05 Men Are Reflexively Checking Out Other Women All The Time
9:23 Recap

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Mat is an experienced, intuitive coach for women craving personal empowerment and deep connection so they can experience freedom, joy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives.

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