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This set of riddles with answers will not only test your IQ, but will help you boost your brain power. These cool riddles will help you improve your logic and overall fitness level of your brain:

00:14 - Sadly, but sometimes our closest people turn out to be our worst enemies and the truth comes out when it's too late. It's your first case and you have to reveal the truth and prove that the husband is guilty (if he really is). The culprit must be punished, but at the same time we can't blame an innocent person. So, it's a big chance for you to prove yourself, don't fail! A hard riddle with answer for professionals!
01:46 - A blood-freezing crime riddle! Well, you are yet to solve this case and decide if it was a crime or a suicide. We know a lot of cases when it was obviously a suicide, but then some new information has come to light and it turned out to be a murder. So put your gloves on, we have a lot of work to do before we close this case. Your first task is to answer this simple question: if he killed himself, how did he manage to do this?
02:52 - Who is lying test! A crime riddle to test your brain! The suspects claim to be innocent, but you know that one of the is lying! Who did it? This picture riddle can be easily cracked if you check every single detail and connect the dots!
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