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14 Weird & Funny English Phrases To Help You Learn Russian

Russian is a hard language but with these weird and funny English phrases you'll easily learn it!
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(1) YELLOW BLUE BUS - я люблю вас (I love you)
In English, "yellow blue bus" doesn't sound romantic but Russians would find this phrase cute because it reminds them of "ya lyublyu vas."

(2) HORROR SHOW - хорошо (fine)

(3) Chess Knock - чеснок (garlic)
If you want to spice up your dinner with garlic then just say “chess knock,” which sounds a lot like the Russian “chesnook.”

(4) COKE DEALER - как дела? (how are you?)

(5) PALE MAN - Пельмень (Russian dumping)
Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant in Moscow and want to eat. But how to order? Just say, “pale man.” No matter how odd this sounds, you’ll get the famous meat dumplings because these words sound like the Russian word, “pel'men'.”

(6) MY OWN ASS - майонез (mayonnaise)

(7) LOOK - лук (onion)
If someone says ‘mne nravitsya etot luk’ it does not necessarily mean that the person likes your outfit. This just means that they compliment an onion.

(8) TWO PIZZAS - тупица (stupid guy)

(9) WHAT CAN I DO? - водку найду (I'll find vodka)
The Russian meaning of this phrase sounds like the answer to the English question. If you ask this question, “What can I do?” then a Russian might think you’re looking for vodka – “vodka naidu.”

(10) TRUE BAR - труба (tube)

(11) OUR DEVICE IS KOREA - одевайся скорее (get dressed faster)
You’re in a hurry, but your partner can’t decide what to wear? Just tell him or her: “our device is Korea!” and she or he will hear, “odevaysyaskoree.”

(12) BLUE WATER - блевота (vomit)

(13) TALL CHALK - толчок (push)
On the first glance, this phrase makes no sense, but it sounds in Russian like “tolchok.” This word has two meanings, “push,” or “breakthrough,” depending on the context.

(14) NASTY - Настя (short form of the name Anastasia)

Time codes:
0:00 You did not expect that
0:38 Horror show
0:59 Chess knock
1:21 Coke dealer
2:26 Pale man
3:08 My own ass
3:31 Look
4:11 Important information!
4:50 Two pizzas
5:13 What can I do?
5:48 True bar
6:04 Our device is Korea
6:20 Blue water
6:48 Tall chalk
7:02 Nasty
7:46 Quick reminder
8:23 How to make friends with Russians

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