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13 Mind Breaking Quiz Questions With Answers

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Here is a cool set of 13 mind breaking quiz questions with answers to tease your brain! If you want to keep yourself thinking and improve your logical skills then try to solve these brain sweating riddles! If you want your brain to work faster then try to solve different puzzles and trivia on a daily basis and the result will surprise you! You're welcome to share your progress in the comments!

00:14 - This is a thrilling riddle on escape that will keep you on your toes till the end! A romantic date turned into a drama; and now I'm completely sure a person should keep away from Tinder... Anyway, Diana is trapped and only you can help her get away from her maniac boyfriend. Are you ready? Focus your mind and think carefully!
02:58 - How to act in emergency is still a riddle for many of us. There is a fun quiz for you to test how much you know about surviving! Concentrate and imagine the situation, then choose an option or just wait for the correct answer to be revealed. Don't forget to show these short riddles with answers to your family members and friends to be sure they know how to survive too!
04:25 - Can you see anything weird about these pictures? There are ALIENS hiding in each of them, and only a person with keen eyesight will be able to spot all of them. How many did you score?
05:44 - These picture riddles will spin your mind around! Look at the pictures and spot one mistake that goes against common sense. It seems that there's nothing wrong here, but if your mind is sharp enough you will crack these puzzles in less than 10 seconds!
07:06 - A mysterious crime riddle that will make you rack your brain! Say the word and the innocent girl will be either acquitted or unjustly punished! Only those who can pay attention to details and draw conclusions will crack this brain teaser.
08:47 - Hey, Detective, this short riddles with answers is a good chance to prove yourself! We will give you no hints to the riddles, but in fact you already have everything you need to answer the questions! This visual test will reveal how good you are at gathering of evidence and drawing conclusions. Turn on your brain, concentrate and focus on the scene. I know you can find all the answers!
10:07 - This strange case could almost be considered an accident except for one small detail. Would you be able to find it? A mysterious crime riddle with answer that will make you scratch your brain! If you fail to figure out what's wrong, just sit back and pretend you already know the answer (I always do this
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