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Here is a set of 12 riddles from real life to test your smarts! According to studies solving riddles is one of the fastest ways to improve your logic. These puzzles are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! Try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.

00:14 - A tricky picture puzzle that will test if you're able to identify a fake gadget among some things you use every day. Only a quick-thinker with incredibly sharp vision or a true fan of a brand will be able to spot what's wrong. Are you ready to challenge your brain?
01:22 - What will you fix first? A visual personality quiz that will let you know yourself better!
02:22 - Hey, Detective, you're facing probably the hardest choice of your life! If you make a mistake, you will destroy your best friend with your own hands. This is a hard mystery riddle only a genius with strong mind and nerves of steel can crack. The mission seems to be impossible, but there is still a way you can find out who your real friend is. Will you find it before time's over?
03:46 - Can you tell me without a doubt what's fake and what's real? Let's see if you're good at recognizing brands!
06:09 - A thrilling riddle on logic only a genius can solve! Study the facts carefully to connect the dots and find out what really happened with Jim. This riddle is not for assistant detectives, but for PRO only!
07:38 - A difficult picture test for advanced solvers only! Prove that you're a real PRO by solving all the puzzles in this mega set. Which one was the most difficult?
09:16 - It's a cool logic riddle with answer that will wow your brain and improve your IQ level like nothing else in the world! Besides, it's an intriguing riddle that will make you say 'Seriously? I never knew such things could happen!'
10:17 - A fun and a useful quiz at the same time! Learn how to spot which product is fake and next time you shop for something you will be able to call the lie!
13:04 - Who is lying? A visual riddle to test your logic and attentiveness! Share your answers to this puzzle in the comments!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last riddle!

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