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We told Nvidia NO! - WAN Show August 17, 2018

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Forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/961594-august-17-2018-wan-show-document/

Timestamps courtesy of Septlaxer Gaming:

3:15 Intro
4:36 Khan Flicks and robot talk until 13:32
13:47 Nvidia Leaks Much Surprise Many Wow
22:18 Motorola's Extremely Similar Design to IPhone X
29:32 Unable To Promote Twitch Stream On Youtube

31:30 Spektrum Glasses
33:43 Synergy
34:31 Mosorganiser

39:00 Thunderf00t Debunking A FoodScanner And TechQuickie Appearing To Be Sponsored Without Disclosure, Appearing As Endorsement (It Was Not).
48:38 Linus On Old School Youtube vs Modern Youtube Growth, Youtube In General And Analyzing Social Blade Numbers
57:47 Linus And Lightning Motors
1:03:05 'Ending'
1:03:40 Tired Of Manufacturers Controlling News Cycle And Coverage

Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89

00:04:35 - Super Anthony
00:13:50 - NVIDIA RTX 2000 series
00:22:25 - Motorola copies iPhone X
00:31:30 - Sponsor: Spektrum Glasses
00:33:45 - Sponsor: Synergy
00:34:33 - Sponsor: Mos
00:39:05 - Thunderf00t $3 million food scanner busted
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