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Stop To Do or Stop Doing: Stop with Infinitives vs Gerunds in English Grammar! / Stopと英文法の不定詞vs動名詞

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STOP! Do you know the differences between using stop with an infinitive and using stop with a gerund? I stopped to drink coffee. VS I stopped drinking coffee. When many people learn English, they get these two sentences confused, however by the end of today’s lesson you will learn how to use stop with gerunds and infinitives to improve your English grammar.

What is an infinitive and what is a gerund?: Remember an infinitive is ‘to’ plus a base verb and a gerund is verb + ing . Both infinitives and gerunds are commonly used as part of the predicate after a main verb in a sentence. In the sentence, “I stopped to drink coffee”, ‘to drink’ is the infinitive. In the sentence, “I stopped drinking coffee,” ‘drinking’ is the gerund. Many verbs in English can be followed with either an infinitive or a gerund and will have the exact same meaning. However, after the verb ‘stop’ using an infinitive or using a gerund will create very different meanings!

Stop to do: When you use stop with an infinitive it means that you are pausing one activity to do another. You’re taking a break from something in order to do something else. If I am working hard and want to take a break, then I will stop to drink coffee.

Stop doing: When you use stop with a gerund it means that you are quitting the action, you are giving up on doing the action and don’t plan to do it anymore. If caffeine makes me have trouble sleeping and I get jittery and have a headache after drinking it, then I will stop drinking coffee.

This English grammar lesson contains a deeper explanation and many more examples of how to use stop with gerunds and infinitives! Here are some helpful timestamps:
0:00 Intro to Stop with Infinitives vs Gerunds
0:25 What is an Infinitive and What is a Gerund
1:50 Warning about the verb Stop with Infinitives or Gerunds
2:30 How to use Stop with an Infinitive
3:44 How to use Stop with a Gerund
4:52 Stop to do VS Stop doing examples
6:20 Summary of Stop + Infinitives and Stop + Gerunds

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned how to use infinitives with stop and how to use gerunds with stop. This English grammar lesson about how to use stop with gerunds and infinitives will help you to improve your English speaking and fluency in English conversations. Thank you for watching, “Stop To Do or Stop Doing: Stop with Infinitives vs Gerunds in English Grammar!” I hope this English grammar lesson about infinitives vs gerunds will be useful for you as you talk about things you stopped to do and things you stopped doing in English! Good luck with your English studies!

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Stop To Do 又Stop Doing:Stopと英文法の不定詞vs動名詞。

STOP!不定詞でstopを使う事と動名詞でstopを使う事の違いをご存知ですか? 多くの人が英語を学ぶと、これら2つの文が混乱しますが、今日の授業の終わりまでに、動名詞と不定詞を使って英文法を改善する方法を学びます。

不定詞とは何ですか?動名詞とは何ですか?:不定詞はto+動詞の原形であり、動名詞は動詞+ ingであることを忘れないでください。不定詞と動名詞はどちらも、文の主動詞の後の述語の一部として一般的に使います。 “I stopped to drink coffee”という文の中で、 ‘to drink’は不定詞です。 “I stopped drinking coffee,” という文の中で、’drinking’は動名詞です。

Stop to do: 不定詞でstopを使う場合、ある活動を一時停止して別の活動をしている事を意味します。あなたは何か他のことをするために休憩を取っています。もし私が一生懸命働いて休息したいなら、それをストップして珈琲を飲みます。

Stop doing: 動名詞でstopを使うと、その活動をやめて、あきらめ、もう実行する予定がないことを意味します。カフェインが原因で睡眠が困難になり、飲んだ後に震えたり頭痛がしたりした場合は、コーヒーを飲むのをやめます。

今日の英語の授業の終わりまでに、不定詞と動名詞のstopを使う方法を学習します。「Stop To Do 又Stop Doing:Stopと英文法の不定詞vs動名詞」の動画をご覧いただきありがとうございます。英語の勉強頑張ってください!


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