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Stop saying “OK" | Use these alternatives to sound like a native

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Today, we going to learn different alternatives to the word "OK"
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It's Okey. I'm Okey. Ok? OK. We use this word every day, hundreds of times. But did you know that it has 10 different meanings? That means that there are 10 different aspects of it. And in order to take your English to the next level, you have to know other phrases that you can use in different situations instead of saying "OK". Learn these smart phrases and use them in your everyday conversation

Time codes:
00:00 What happens when you stop saying "OK"
00:51 Do you use OK in your everyday speech?
01:24 Agreeing with something
04:27 Giving permission
06:03 Asking for permission
06:38 Talking about ourselves
07:01 Changing the subject

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