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These picture puzzles will mess with your brain! Get ready to boost your logic and work out your brain with these tricky riddles and brain teasers. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice real changes in your logical skills and critical thinking.

00:14 - A thrilling logical riddle to increase your IQ level and stretch your brain. Would you call this a suicide or a murder? What would you do if a person on the street asked you to push him down from the bridge? This's blowing my mind away!
01:22 - This is a cool visual test on optical illusions that will exercise your eyes and help you keep your brain young! Though I failed every single one but the first level, I enjoyed the test a lot. Challenge your brain and impress your friends with this tough level test and share your results in the comments!
04:12 - A hard crime riddle where you still have a chance to prevent a crime (if you're a quick-thinker). You just need to use your logic and keep the information in mind. I'm sure you can do this! A cool detective riddle to exercise your brain and boost your memory!
05:34 - This is a cool picture puzzle to test your vision and logic. There are some time travelers in these pictures, will you find them all? This fun picture puzzle can be solved only by the most attentive detectives, so focus your mind and don't let anything distract you!
07:14 - A detective riddle that will blow your mind and make you think outside the box. Will you identify who of these three women are kidnappers and who is the mother? Be careful and use 200% of your logic and intuition as kidnappers use loads of tricks! Show this one to everybody who has children as it can help them protect their kids!
09:07 - This is a tricky riddle with answer based on a true story. Doctors usually study such cases, but you don't need to be a doctor to find the right solution. Just use your logic and common sense and you fill crack this riddle for sure!
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