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Inside The Tragic Lives Of The Gilligan's Island Cast

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Did Gilligan rat out Mary Ann decades after they got off the island? From legal troubles to serious illnesses and professional struggles, these are the tragic tales of the Gilligan's Island cast.

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Russell Johnson's war injuries | 0:00
Tina Louise's resentment | 1:04
Jim Backus' Parkinson's | 2:01
Natalie Schafer's fiancé's death | 2:43
The death of Russell Johnson's son | 3:29
Royalty screw job | 4:08
Typecasting | 5:08
Bob Denver's later struggles | 5:52
Bob Denver and Dawn Wells' arrests | 6:55
Bob Denver's cancer | 7:46
The last surviving cast member | 8:38

Voiceover by: Tim Bensch

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