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Health Idioms: Improve your English Fluency with 10 Common Idioms for Health and Sickness! ???? ????

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I was feeling under the weather and became as sick as a dog, but now I’ve been given a clean bill of health and I’m back on my feet! In today’s English vocabulary lesson you will learn 10 helpful idioms connected to health. Although idioms can be confusing, they are essential for becoming more fluent in English. Today’s health idioms will improve your English fluency to help discuss health.

What is an idiom?: An idiom is an expression where the words come together in a particular order to create a new non-literal meaning. The health idioms in today’s lesson are used a lot in daily life. Learning these idioms will help you to improve your English skills and sound more like a native speaker when you want to talk about health in English.

The idioms about health that you’ll learn today are excellent English expressions for sounding more fluent when speaking English. The following 10 health idioms are included in this English lesson with example sentences:
1. Under the Weather
2. Sick as a Dog
3. Toss your Cookies
4. As pale as a ghost / as white as a ghost
5. Have a Frog in your Throat
6. Be out of shape
7. Go under the Knife
8. Back on your Feet
9. Run in the Family
10. A Clean Bill of Health
*Bonus Proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

By the end of today’s English vocabulary lesson you will have learned 10 English idioms connected to health that you can use to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful English idioms for daily life. Thank you for watching, “Health Idioms: Improve your English Fluency with 10 Common Idioms for Health and Sickness!” I hope these health idioms will be useful for you as you improve your English speaking. Good luck with your English studies!


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