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Hard vs Hardly: What’s the Difference Between Hard and Hardly? Hard vs Hardly: HardとHardlyの違いは何ですか?

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Working hard or hardly working? Do you study English HARD or do you HARDLY study English? Would you like to know the difference between hard and hardly? Incorrectly using the words hard and hardly is a common mistake for students learning English, but don’t worry because in this English lesson you will learn the differences between these two confusing English words and be able to confidently choose hard or hardly.

First this English grammar lesson will look at how to use hard in English. Hard can be used as both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective hard can mean something that is solid and firm. Rocks are hard. As an adjective hard can also mean something that is difficult or challenging. Learning English can be hard. As an adverb hard can mean something that is done with a lot of strength or force. The wind blew hard during the storm. As an adverb hard can also mean something that is done with a great deal of effort and and energy. She studied hard, so she passed her IELTS exam.

Next, this English lesson will teach you how to use hardly in English. Hardly is an adverb. As an adverb hardly means barely / scarcely, or almost impossible. I've hardly heard what you said. She hardly studied, so she didn’t pass her IELTS exam.

After learning how to use hard and hardly, this English lesson will review the important grammar rules for hard and hardly. When using hard, hard must go after the main verb in the sentence. When using hardly, hardly must go before the main verb in the sentence.

Finally, this lesson will take a look at how to use hard vs hardly. You will see how using the incorrect adverb completely changes the meaning of your sentence. For example: He worked hard vs He hardly worked have opposite meanings. This lesson will examine more examples of how using hard or hardly will create opposite meanings in your English sentences.

0:00 Introduction to Hard vs Hardly
0:21 How to use Hard as an adjective
2:26 How to use Hard as an adverb
3:59 How to use the adverb Hardly
5:22 The difference between Hard and Hardly
9:09 Summary of Hard vs Hardly + Question of the Day

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned the differences between hard vs hardly. You should now be able to use hard and hardly correctly in your English speaking and English writing. Thank you for watching, “Hard vs Hardly: What’s the Difference Between Hard and Hardly?” I hope this English grammar lesson will be useful for you as you improve your English. Good luck with your English studies!

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Do you study English HARD or do you HARDLY study English? hard とhardlyの違いを知りたいですか?英語を学ぶ生徒にとって、hardという単語やhardlyという単語を誤って使用することはよくある間違いですが、この英語の授業では、これら2つの紛らわしい英語の単語の違いを学び、自信を持ってhardまたはhardlyを選択できる様になるので心配しないでください。

まず、この英文法の授業では、英語でhardを使用する方法を見ていきます。 Hardは、形容詞と副詞の両方として使用できます。形容詞としてのhardはかたいという意味です。 形容詞としてhardはまた、難しいまたは挑戦的な何かを意味します。 副詞としてhardとは、多くの力や力で行われることを意味します。  副詞としてhardはまた、多大な努力とエネルギーで行われる何かを意味することができます。


最後に、この授業では、hardとhardlyの使用方法を見ていきます。間違った副詞を使用すると、文の意味が完全に変わることがわかります。例:He worked hard(彼は一生懸命働いた)のに対し、He hardly worked(彼はほとんど働いていなかった)は反対の意味です。この授業では、hardまたはhardlyを使用すると、英文で反対の意味がどのように作成されるかについて、さらに多くの例をみていきます。



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