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American Accent Training Part 07 : 'OO" as in Pool | English Lesson to speak fluent English


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American Accent Training : " OO " as in pool
To give you guidelines on the movement of your mouth parts for the correct OO sound
The objective of this lesson is :

To show where to put stress for OO sound for 15 words
To demonstrate the OO sound by using those 15 words in sentences
OO -- Similar to that of an 'OH' mouth formation......however this time with less of an opening to stretch the "ooo" sound.
See the break-ups of words for the OO sound in the list below.

For example,

Tool : tOO-l Rule : rOO-l

Pool : pOO-l Mute : meOO-t

Cruel : kr-OOl Mood : mOO-d

Truth : tr-OOl Rude : rOO-d

Ruthless : rOOth-less Crude : kr-Ood

Loop : lOO-p Food : fOO-d

Cool : kOO-l Fruit : frOO-t

Poor : pOO-r

Now see the same words used in sentences.

A projector is a training Tool for most organizations.

In India the trend of playing Pool is increasing day by day.

Grownups can sometimes be so Cruel.

A child is always told to tell the Truth.

Some consider eating chickens a Ruthless act.

In computing language there is a Loop function.

Poor people sleep on the streets in such Cool wind.

Managers should always keep a Thumb rule.

All Television sets have a Mute function.

It mostly depends on your Mood for where you would like to go.

I hope I wasn't Rude in my statement.

Racialist behavior involves being Crude.

'Food for thought'..... that's what I would say .

Mostly all citrus Fruits have vitamins.

How to speak fluent English

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