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6 Quick Exercises to Get Bigger Shoulders

Every man wants to look strong and healthy, have perfect posture, and exude confidence. You can achieve this by building broader, bigger shoulders. And it only takes a month of training either at the gym or at home. The following exercises work all three muscles and can help you get broader, more defined shoulders in a month.
During one training session, you should repeat from 3 to 5 sets of these exercises. Also, for the fastest and most prominent results, do this shoulder workout three times a week and make sure you have a day off between your training days.
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How shoulders work 0:23
- Seated Shoulder Press 1:07
- Standing Lateral Raise 2:03
- Bent-Over Rows 2:53
- Handstand Pushups 4:06
- Alternating Lateral and Forward Raises 4:55
- Bent-Over Reverse Fly 5:32
Major mistakes 6:35
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- The anterior deltoid helps you to both flex and rotate your arms. Thanks to the lateral, you can reach out to the side. As for the posterior deltoid, it helps you to extend your arm to the back and rotate it.
- Seated shoulder press effectively works your anteriors in a position that prevents you from swaying or dipping your torso when you're doing it. As a result, you can try using heavier weights.
- As you may guess from the name of the exercise, standing lateral raise bulks up and strengthens your lateral deltoids.
- Bent-over rows are great for working your posterior deltoids. While your arm should get straight at the end of the movement, the dumbbell shouldn’t touch the ground. After you finish with one side, move the dumbbell to the other and start working your left shoulder without taking a break.
- Besides helping to build massive shoulders, handstand pushups also develop your back, upper chest, and core muscles.
- If you feel some muscle tightness during the workout, it means that you put additional stress on both your joints and the muscles assisting them. It can lead to pain and even injuries.
- Try to choose more prolonged and more intense workouts to make your shoulders grow and bulk up; you may want to test your limits.
- Make sure you don't concentrate on working just one type of deltoid while neglecting others. That would sabotage your ultimate goal of getting full, rounded shoulders.
- Don't forget that if you want to build muscle, you need to eat. That's why you should consume more calories than you normally would and have more protein-rich foods, such as eggs, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, and dairy products.
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