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24 Canadian Taboos: Avoid Making These Mistakes in Canada! How to be Polite in Canada

What are some things that you shouldn’t do in Canada? Which common question you should avoid asking Canadians? Should you tip in Canada? Learn the answers to these questions and more in today’s Canadian taboo English lesson!

A taboo is something that is prohibited or restricted by social customs. Basically, if something is taboo it means that you shouldn’t do it due to cultural rules. In today’s English lesson I am going to teach you about 24 taboos in Canada. The goal of this lesson is to help you improve your English skills and knowledge of manners in Canada, so that you can be polite while interacting with Canadians.

If you want to be polite in Canada and have good manners, please follow the advice in this video about 24 Canadian Taboos. Some general rules to help you avoid making mistakes in Canada include:

1. Try to avoid discussing taboo topics such as sex, religion, politics, and money.
2. Don’t compare Canadians to Americans or Canada to the USA.
3. Remember that Canada does not have Indians or Eskimos, we have First Nations and Inuit.
4. Shake hands when you first meet someone.
5. Don’t ask people about their age.
6. Make eye contact when talking with someone.
7. Showing someone the middle finger (flipping the bird) is rude.
8. Cover your mouth and turn away when you yawn.
9. Cough or sneeze into your elbow and say, “Excuse me.”
10. When someone sneezes say, “Bless you.”
11. Don’t put your elbows on the table when eating.
12. Don’t talk with food in your mouth and chew with your mouth closed.
13. Pointing at someone is rude.
14. Mind your P’s and Q’s: Remember to say, “Please,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” and “Sorry.”
15. Say ‘sorry’ when you bang into someone (and even when they bump into you.)
16. Avoid swearing in front of strangers or children.
17. Don’t talk loudly on public transit, and don’t talk on your cellphone on public transit.
18. Remember to tip your servers in restaurants, usually between 15% -20%.
19. Turn off your phone in situations where it may disturb others such as a restaurant, classroom, or theatre.
20. Hostess gifts: When invited to someone’s house for dinner, don’t show up empty handed. Bring flowers, wine, or chocolate.
21. Be on time.
22. Take your shoes off when you enter someone’s house.
23. Wait in line patiently. Don’t ‘butt’ or budge your way in front of others.
24. Read and obey signs. Follow the rules.

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned lots of Canadian taboos to help you be polite and act like a Canadian. Thank you for watching, “24 Canadian Taboos: Avoid Making These Mistakes in Canada! How to be Polite in Canada!” I hope the taboos from Canada in this lesson will be useful for you as you improve your Canadian English communication skills. Good luck with your English studies!

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