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Workout your brain muscles with a portion of 15 awesome riddles! If you crack all these brainy puzzles then, congrats, your IQ is above average! A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective and fast ways to train your brain. So don't waste your time and solve some puzzle right now ;)

00:14 - This brain teaser will test your memory and attentiveness to the smallest details! Let's see how good you are at solving puzzles like this one ;)
01:23 - Who killed the hitchhiker? Improve your detective skills and critical thinking with this difficult riddle on crime!
02:29 - Who is a popular blogger? it's an easy puzzle for kids and adults that will test your analytical thinking and attentiveness!
03:17 - A mysterious Halloween riddle on crime that will make your blood run cold! Test your intelligence by solving this tricky detective riddle with an answer. I failed to crack this one and so did my friends, but you have a chance to shine!
04:36 - How attentive were you watching your favorite shows? It's time to check it! What shouldn't be in these pictures? Tell me if you've found the last mistake!
06:00 - Who is the thief? Be attentive to the details and try to find the guilty one as fast as possible! This riddle will trick your mind and boost your logical thinking.
07:13 - Test your IQ with this logic brain teaser! Turn on your brain power and try to find an alien before the time is up!
08:33 - Mrs. Murphy got robbed! Help the policeman to find the thief! Be attentive and turn on your logic to do it on time!
09:46 - Who lies? Check out this tricky riddle that will boost your IQ and test your logic. Be careful to the details and you'll easily find the answer!
10:56 - A tricky riddle om crime that will boost your logiс and make you think outside the box. You will have to look through the hint and identify two criminals: the killer and kidnapped. If you fail to find them, there will be two victims at the party, so don't waste your time!
13:10 - Which granny is a killer? A visual quiz to boost your logical thinking and test your IQ!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!

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