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Test your attentiveness with a mix of 13 picture riddles and unusual crime puzzles! If you want to boost your detective skills and increase your concentration then keep watching this video ;) These tricky brain teasers will give your brain a nice workout and keep it fit and young!

00:14 - Mrs. Murphy got robbed! Help the policeman to find the thief! Be attentive and turn on your logic to do it on time!
01:27 - Who killed Susan? A mind-blowing crime riddle for the best detectives! Are you smart enough to solve this criminal case before you run out of time?
02:44 - Which of the policemen are fake? Think carefully as your mistake will cost you your life. Wait until they give themselves away!
04:33 - Test your logical skills and improve your IQ with this visual quiz! Who is a fake doctor? Try to give an answer before the time is up!
05:22 - Monica went speed dating and met 3 guys. The next day, each of them asked her out. Who should she choose and why?
06:26 - This crime riddle is one of those brain teasers with answers that make you sweat hard and work at full capacity. If you can solve this one, then you should feel free to call yourself a genius! Well, Detective, it's time to do your best!
07:47 - A new riddle on escape to help you boost your logic and improve your critical thinking. You need to think fast and use all your logic to find the right answer ;)
09:01 - A logic brain teaser to boost your brain and test your IQ. Who do you think is lying?
09:53 - A portion of visual brain teasers and optical illusions at the same time! Try to solve all of them right!
11:35 - A mind-blowing mysterious riddle only a genius or a psycho can crack! You will have to think outside the box and use all your creative brain power to find the answer to this riddle. Have you cracked it by yourself?
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