13-Day Astronaut’s Diet to Lose Weight and Eliminate Stomach Issues

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In case you’re looking for an effective simple diet that works 100% of the time and helps you get the perfect beach body in no time, here it one. The 13-day Astronaut’s Diet can help you accelerate your metabolism and slim down in no time at all. You will see guaranteed results when it comes to weight loss and good health.
Thanks to the high amount of protein you'll be consuming, this diet contributes to rapid weight loss without harming your muscles. Plus, protein is extremely important for your body. It repairs and maintains your muscle, skin, hair, and even bone tissues. It provides proper communication between your body’s organs and cells. And some types of protein serve as a sort of means of transport to deliver important molecules to different places. Take the protein hemoglobin, for example, it brings oxygen to the cells of your body.
Drinking a lot of water will accelerate your weight loss. Plus, water is one of the key elements of this diet. The more water you consume, the more you convince your body that you're not hungry. Water also energizes your muscles, improves the look of your skin, keeps your kidneys clean and healthy, and helps your bowel function normally.
If you suffer from digestive problems, you should know that they can usually be eliminated if you make some lifestyle changes. And the Astronaut’s Diet can help you out with this problem as well. Avoid fried, spicy, and fatty foods, sweeteners, black tea, carbonated beverages, and alcohol. Don't smoke. Eat more prunes. Try probiotics. Don't lie down after eating. Cook with olive oil instead of butter. Get enough sleep. And try drinking soothing tea like chamomile, mint, and ginger.


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-The Astronaut’s Diet is pretty strict and consists almost entirely of protein-rich products. Fiber and carbohydrates, however, are significantly reduced.
-Try to avoid sodas and fruit juices, alcohol, salt and sugar, starchy vegetables, rice and pasta, breads and cereals, and smoked meat products.
-Always eat fish instead of beef and eggs instead of ham. Eat more of mushrooms, fish and chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers, pumpkins, cheese and tofu and other products that aren’t on the “black list”.
-Start your day with two boiled or poached eggs and one cup of coffee without cream or sugar. Have half a medium-sized chicken with 2 cups of the broth it cooked in, a salad with tomatoes and mushrooms, and a glass of soy milk or black coffee for lunch. For dinner, try grilled chicken with pumpkin and green beans, and a glass of rice milk.
-The most important thing to do is to reduce or cut entirely your consumption of simple carbohydrates like sugar, pasta, white bread, fruit juice, alcohol, etc. And that’s because when the digestive system is out of balance, high-glycemic carbs and sugar tend to ferment in the colon.

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