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⏰ 18 Time Collocations: Take Time to Improve your English using Collocations with the word TIME!

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You are just in time for today's English lesson. Thank you for making time to study English with me. I hope you will have a great time watching this video. English is not an easy language, but please take your time and enjoy learning. In today’s JeN’s Jyugyou lesson you will learn 18 time collocations that you can use to improve your English and communicate easier in English. This lesson includes English expressions using the word ‘time’ which are used in daily conversation.

The following 18 collocations with the word time are included in this English lesson:
1. Spend time
2. Make time
3. Have time
4. Save time
5. Waste time
6. Kill time
7. On time / Right on time
8. In time / Just in time / In the knick of time
9. Run out of time / Be out of time
11. Take time off
12. Take your time
13. Pressed for time
14. It’s about time!
15. Have a great time
16. Have a hard time / Have a rough time
17. Tell time
18. Time out / Have a time out

By the end of today’s English lesson you will have learned 18 time collocations that you can use to sound like a native English speaker. This lesson will to help you improve your English vocabulary and teach you useful English expressions for daily life. Thank you for watching, “18 Time Collocations: Take Time to Improve your English using Collocations with the word TIME!” I hope these English collocations will be useful for you as you improve your English. Good luck with your English studies!

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