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“Architect,” Songs about Professions by StoryBots

An architect draws up plans to make sure every new building is safe, lasts long, and looks great!

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When there's an office or a house to build,
An architect is highly skilled
At designing a building, whether curvy or square,
And drawing up a blueprint showing what goes where.
For any kind of building like a school or a mall,
Or something really fancy like a symphony hall,
Or a big apartment tower that's a thousand feet tall,
The architect makes up the plans.
The architect makes up the plans!
Now buildings come in every kind,
And each one needs its own design.
So a supermarket's boxy while a stadium's round,
And they must be strong and sturdy so they won't fall down.
A good imagination is an architect's guide.
A building might have columns or a fountain inside!
And when it's done, the architect is bursting with pride,
The architect makes up the plans.
The architect makes up the plans!
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